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About Outlaws of the Insurance World


Become an Outlaw of the Insurance World is dedicated to offering turnkey marketing strategies and providing access to main line and E&S carriers streamlining 24/7 Commercial Insurance quoting for our Posse.


As a result of coupling with the preferential support of C.I.G., Outlaws of the Insurance World will have access to a dedicated Underwriting Assistant for all of their Commercial Insurance submissions, quotes, and renewals.


Straight Up! Here's What You Get

  • Marketing Systems
  • Templates
  • Techniques
  • Sales Psychology & Training
  • Monthly Newsletter & Conference Call


We have a team of published industry professional coaches that have each contributed to the sales, marketing and coaching of our program and our featured in our monthly newsletter and can be found on the Posse's blog.


No Hold Bars- Results


Out of 1,400 insurance agency owners we found that agents who received coaching averaged a 35%-72% vs 15% close ratio. Those that were given turn-key marketing templates/ strategies and implemented the coaching averaged a 1,200%+ vs a 15% return on investment (ROI).


Outlaw Qualifications


Join our Posse for $100 Month to Month Subscription, No Long Term Contract.


  • Real-World Results: How We SOLD $10,351,297.05 MILLION in NEW Business Since 2008 (Personal & Commercial Lines)
  • NO 'Outside' Producers- 100% In House Sales
  • NO Cold Calling!
  • How We Use Lumpy Mail to Stand Out and Cut Through the Advertising Noise for our Clients
  • Interviews, Articles/ Newsletters, and Scripts
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